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Who we are

The Texas Tenants' Union is a nonprofit tenants' rights organization. We empower tenants through education and organizing to protect their rights, preserve their homes, improve their living conditions and enhance the quality of life in their communities.

We do this through:

  • Free weekly tenants' rights workshops – held at our office every Wednesday night at 7:30. Workshops cover leases, eviction, deposits, and repairs. Afterwards, one-to-one help is available.
  • Written materials including a Handbook of Tenants' Rights (available in English and Spanish), form letters for common problems such as getting security deposits back, getting repairs done, and finding out who owns the property.
  • Organizing assistance – at the apartment complex level, and around city, state, and federal housing issues.
  • Counseling to help individuals solve their tenant/landlord problems.
  • Training for tenants on how to represent themselves in the Justice of the Peace court in cases with their landlord.
  • Referrals for emergency rent assistance, legal help, and/or appropriate social services.
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